Monday, 23 May 2011

Windy Monday

Here we are half way through Monday and almost half way through the year!
I was practically blown half way across Kent yesterday - 2 gazebos sadly lost their fight to survive. Mine was damaged but I am told some replacement organs are available and rescue is feasible. I sold lots of party invitations and got a booking for the summer in an open garden - take a look at and see the charities we can help through selling our cards. I also re-booked to do the Christmas bazaar at the same school and arranged to drop off some brochures for the committee and those who didn't brave the gale force winds to be with us.
We are more than half way through Butterfly Tea Party month supporting Children's Hospices UK Only 10 days to go, but don't worry - to make even the smallest contribution you can still order some of the fabulous cards featured in the charity campaign. Do make a special effort to do this as every little helps, as they say. You can order all 12 of the cards as a set which sells for £12. Obviously the cards can be bought singly if you prefer.
While you are ordering, calling all Phoenix Traders - remember to book your place at a summer road show - I will be at Wolverhampton, York, Huntingdon and Gatwick to catch up with as many of my Phoenix team as I can. I have two spare seats in my car for Gatwick - anyone coming with me from Sevenoaks? It costs £7 for your lunch. Starts at about 9.30, all over for 4.30pm. The 2011 Christmas card artwork will be on display. Guests welcome.
I am going to visit Head Office in June. It's a great opportunity to chat to the staff who look after our orders, to meet and have lunch with the directors, see artwork under consideration for the up-coming releases in a small group and have a glimpse into how the company works. Lift on offer from Sevenoaks.
Take a look at your diary - what is happening after half term? Now would be a great moment to book a lovely lazy summer afternoon with cards and strawberry scones, or later into the evening with cards and Pimms, or stick to the morning with cards and coffee. You don't need to have hordes of people, caterers or bunting - a few friends, a basket of top quality cards round a pot of coffee and a packet of hobnobs will do the trick perfectly.
Next team meeting will be Monday June 13th, 9.30am coffee, 10 - 12noon, my house. 
See you then!


  1. Love the idea about lazy summer afternoon with cards and strawberry scones - might try that one over here. Thanks for the top tips. Elaine xx

  2. I love it, welcome to the blogging world!!