Monday, 6 June 2011

It's June and it's Raining

Well here's a turn up for the books - it is raining in Kent for pretty much the first time this year and I am finally doing a follow up to my very first ever blog. What a remarkable Monday this is turning out to be. No gazebo action this weekend - just a lovely concert by the Southampton University Symphony Orchestra with my daughter on principal flute. One day I will learn how to insert photos into this and I'll be showing her off all over the place - bet you can't wait!

To be honest I have been somewhat paralysed and awed by the success (well, I was pleased with just short of 300 page views!) of my first attempt and the real proof was always going to be whether anyone would want to take a second look. I was impressed with the breadth of hits from all over the world too. How amazing to be able to see exactly how many people had opened the page and where they were when they did it. Isn't technology extraordinary? I'm making myself feel a bit nervous again now.

It's going to be quite short for various reasons - not least my nails are too long for typing easily and I have lots of stuff to do at Bluewater: the pull of the shops is massive. No really - I am in the mood for shopping. As are my customers, which is cool. How superficial do I sound? Don't answer that!

How am I selling my cards so well at the moment? Here's another turn up for the books: NO cellophanes. There. I said it. I have got so fed up with cellophaning my cards I have literally stopped dead. Sunayana and I had a chat and she told me she had stopped as it was making her back sore. I have stopped because I didn't have time to do it and it is expensive and boring. I'd rather spend my money on 100 supplements than 3 packs of cellos.

When I took the March release out and displayed it all on the A frame stand in packs of 5 of each design I noticed customers were chatting about the quality and look of the cards far more than I had heard before AND they (you!?) were buying 2 or 3 of each card. I tried the same again with the May cards (to be honest this sounds more like a strategy than it really was) and sales were even better.

I added 5 butterfly cupcakes cards to my stand - sold out! Same for anemones, the union jack with heart, fairy mice, butterfly wishes, knickers and camper vans. Our cards are really gorgeous you know!

So - now you can try this out. If you are a customer and would like a 'naked' (I mean no plastic coverings for the cards, obviously) display in your own home for an hour or two to share with friends and neighbours, even family - call your local Phoenix trader or me!

Cards going out unaccompanied in baskets however, different matter - I still cellophane those. I use an able-label or a sticker from to seal them with contact details on. Also if you have accident prone pets or small children and nowhere to store the cards safely, cellophaning them may be wise. Phoenix fans - do you fancy borrowing a basket for your office or just to play shops for a day or two?  We can raise funds for charity this way too. Contact a nearby trader and see what she or he can put together for you. No nearby trader? Well alright, you can call me.

My fundraising efforts are focused on Children's Hospices this week - if you would like to get involved I would love to hear from you.

One last thing - new photo about to go on my 'about me' page of my website ( taken only last week in Paris. Oh yes - I am a jet-setting Phoenix trader! Bisous to my French team.

Speak soon! A bientot!


PS M25 blocked between here and Bluewater - hmm. More weather related comments withheld here. We do have a lovely umbrellas card though! Will have to get on with some supplement posting... Customers might like to receive their orders too I suppose.

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